Friday, December 8, 2017

Never Enough!

So it ends!  The motorcycle season in the Pacific Northwest has wound down.  There are just a few bold (stupid) riders are still out there braving the icy roads and sub freezing temperatures.   The Big Blue Bird is nestled in her garage and she has had her stabilizer treatment.   The trickle charger is nowhere to be found,  but I surmise it will present itself if I look a bit harder. 
The toughest part about the coming season is the winter blahs.   My tired old brain has a hard time with the change of weather and I tend to get a bit cranky.    Maybe it is a side effect of not getting to ride enough, maybe its just the weight of the world.  Who knows?   I do lament that I only put a couple thousand miles on the bike this year.   
We rode the Rattlesnake Grade, and back through Walla Walla.  I rode several short hops around my home area, and I even rode the Flowery Trail a few times.   I would have loved to ride Glacier National park, or even Washington Hwy 20.  If I can find a way,  I would love to go riding to Alaska and take the ferry back, but that will require a lot of time away from the important parts of my life.
Whatever the next riding season brings, I hope that you come along with me.  Either through my blog posts and my videos, or even in real life I would love sharing my rides with you.

Who knows how things will turn out this next year,  it may be a great year for riding!   I'm shooting for 5000 miles at least.    I don't have a set plan or anything. It is just a wish. 

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