Friday, December 8, 2017

Never Enough!

So it ends!  The motorcycle season in the Pacific Northwest has wound down.  There are just a few bold (stupid) riders are still out there braving the icy roads and sub freezing temperatures.   The Big Blue Bird is nestled in her garage and she has had her stabilizer treatment.   The trickle charger is nowhere to be found,  but I surmise it will present itself if I look a bit harder. 
The toughest part about the coming season is the winter blahs.   My tired old brain has a hard time with the change of weather and I tend to get a bit cranky.    Maybe it is a side effect of not getting to ride enough, maybe its just the weight of the world.  Who knows?   I do lament that I only put a couple thousand miles on the bike this year.   
We rode the Rattlesnake Grade, and back through Walla Walla.  I rode several short hops around my home area, and I even rode the Flowery Trail a few times.   I would have loved to ride Glacier National park, or even Washington Hwy 20.  If I can find a way,  I would love to go riding to Alaska and take the ferry back, but that will require a lot of time away from the important parts of my life.
Whatever the next riding season brings, I hope that you come along with me.  Either through my blog posts and my videos, or even in real life I would love sharing my rides with you.

Who knows how things will turn out this next year,  it may be a great year for riding!   I'm shooting for 5000 miles at least.    I don't have a set plan or anything. It is just a wish. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Motorcycle Fit.......

I am in shape! I mean really in shape.   What shape you ask?  ROUND!   I'm a pudge.  I have a BMI that makes doctors gasp.  Small children cry when they see me walking down the street.   Little old ladies use me as shade in the hot sun.   I'm a big boy!    That being said, I choose to talk about a subject that I am totally qualified to talk about.   Motorcycle Fitness! 

It takes quite a bit of force to push around a motorcycle.  If you are not so fit, a long ride won't be as long as you wanted it to be.  And after one of those "long" motorcycle rides, you will be sore.  Your arms, hips, back, legs, butt (glutes) and even your neck will hurt.   And I hear that the best way to alleviate that ache is to be "Motorcycle Fit".    I'm not sure what that means, but a few of my fellow motorcyclists have done all the work for me. has a workout that includes simple exercises like crunches, pushups, and working your arms with simple weights.
Revzilla recommends something called CrossFit.  It sounds like torture if you ask me.
Ride Apart has given a list of 3 essential exercises;  Lunges, Squats and Mason Twists.  It sounds easy enough....

Image result for bjornsson hafthor
Ultimately, having a semblance of fitness is important for riding a motorcycle.  Case in point:  I may be a big boy, but I am a strong big boy.   One time I had a 700lb bike decide to take a snooze in the soft dirt I put the kick down in.   Reaching down and lifting it up is not a super simple thing do to unless you happen to be Hafthor Bjornsson (strong man and actor).    What I had to do was get myself in a squatting position next to the seat and grip the downside handlebar and the grip handle on the back of the bike and squat press the bike back up to the vertical stance that it was meant to be in.  If I had been in any worse shape than I was,  I could have been facing hernia surgery or traction.   So, however you do it, work out enough to keep you motorcycle fit.   You will last longer in the saddle, be far less sore and in a pinch, be able to lift your bike if necessary.  

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Random Rides- Flowery Trail Rd

Time for a ride down the Flowery Trail Rd!
This ride is from Usk, WA to Chewelah, WA.

The ride was fairly uneventful.  I rode from my house, In Mead, WA up US 2 and followed the signs to Usk, WA.  This ride is quite pretty no matter what time of year you ride it.  I will say, however, if you ride this in the heat of summer, you may have to deal with smoke as there is generally wildfires up here.  
While you may notice my mumbling and such, I chose not to focus on my words so much as the ride itself.   I will say, the camera does not do justice to the gorgeous colors up there.  The only downside to this ride is the fact that I sheared off one of my footpegs on the way home.    Oh well, I guess its an excuse to buy parts again!   Now I'll have something to wrench on during the cold and ick of winter.

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Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Scifi Dreams, Motorcycle Reality

For many years, Scifi and Fantasy writers have, at times, written about the ability to be invisible.  The ability to not be seen appeals to some.   You could sneak around with impunity and affect those around you.   The US Military spends billions of dollars trying to make it's war machines invisible to the enemy and for the most part, they have had limited success.   However, I am here to tell you that the easiest way to become invisible is to throw your leg over a motorcycle.     

If you have ever taken the MSC (Motorcycle Safety Course), you learned that you may as well be invisible to the traffic around you.   The trainers tend to emphasize that if you want to live to be a seasoned motorcyclist, you need to ride like the vehicles around you cannot see you at all.   I do not know why, but this lesson has seemed to pass right over the heads of some of the younger riders in my town lately. 

It blows my mind that some people don't get this.   Smaller means harder to see, especially at speed.   We need to take ownership of that fact.  Just because you see the car getting ready to turn in to the road, it does not mean that he/she sees you.   Chances are, unless you prepare for them to turn in front of you, you may end up flying right over them.   

Proverbs 14:16 says "The wise one is cautious and turns away from evil, But the stupid one is reckless and overconfident." Now, I really doubt that King Solomon had motorcyclists in mind when he wrote this, but it sure does apply. If you are wise, you realize that you are vulnerable and will do whatever you need to do to mitigate your risk. However, if you are stupid, you will ride as recklessly as you want to without regard for yours, or anyone else's safety. So I leave it to you dear reader, are you wise, or stupid? Your choice.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


 Things have been quiet lately.  I have not posted to the blog, I have not vlogged.  Just a lot of quiet.  The reason behind this is that I've busted my butt.  I have been the unfortunate recipient of a cracked tailbone.  This wasn't due to anything motorcycle related, but it sure does make it hard to actually go and do anything motorcycle related.   This means I am reduced to a hobbling ball of ache until it heals up.   The sad part is that there isn't a darn thing I can do about it.   You can't cast it,  You cant immobilize it without immobilizing your whole self and that is just out of the question.   So, I wait.  Hoping that I will feel good enough to sit in the saddle at least for a few more hours between now and when the snow flies.  If not, well, there are always the videos from my rides this year!   Definitely good for when you can't ride.  I highly recommend watching them.  You can watch, comment and follow my motovlog HERE.    Also, if you recorded your rides, send me a link on my youtube channel. I would be happy to watch your rides as well.  After all, I'm going through withdrawls.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

River Run-- Random Rides

Join me for a ride along the Spokane River at Riverside State Park.  Beautiful area and a low battery to boot.  Enjoy the ride!
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Friday, July 28, 2017

Join or Die... No.... Join or Miss Out!

Because I had nothing better to do on a Friday night,  I decided I would set up a REVER group for any and all who wanted to connect that way.

Join the Lost or Not Rever Group!

I have several little rides posted, and I would be totally geeked out if you posted some of yours.

Maybe we could hook up for a group ride as well.   Never know!

It doesn't cost a thing to join, and if you want to, you can even pay the money to become a premium member.   (not that it would matter if you just were putzing around with the app).     I highly recommend REVER,  it is a pretty nice app. the GPS software seems to be spot on accurate on my S5.   Its also available for Apple products as well, but im not sure who would use anything like that.  Check it out!

Click the photo to the Right to go to the main site.   You can download the app on the Play Store or Itunes as well.  

Once you do,  look me up!

Friday, July 14, 2017

MotoVlogger Mayhem

As you have probably noticed.  I have delved into the Motovlogging world with the Lost or Not Motovlog.   It's quite enjoyable.  I normally talk to myself (It is a sign of genius after all), but motovlogging allows me to actually have an excuse to do so.   I have also noticed that It is enjoyable to watch some of the other motovloggers on Youtube do their thing.
Take Shawn Smoak for instance.  Shawn rides all sorts of motorcycles.   He works at a dealership in Longview, Washington and he gets some pretty nice bikes to ride, and he also owns quite a few.  (His streetglide is amazing by the way.)   Shawn's style adds a very  hometown feel to his videos.  You feel connected to him and almost like a part of his family.   I binge watched a ton of his videos last time I was sick and it helped me through the time when I couldn't be on my own bike.    He also goes on group rides with the likes of XXX Deadhead and Giant Midget Moto, and between the 3 of them you get amazing perspectives of the areas they ride together.  XXX Deadhead has since stopped motovlogging to pursue his main career, but his old vids are still on youtube to enjoy.
Lately, I have been watching the FortNine channel.  Fornine is Canada's largest online powersports dealership so their videos have a fair amount of backing.   Ryan is the face of fortnine and he is quite fun to watch.  Ryan does the gear reviews and durability tests as well as comparisons, but I really like the well produced ride videos as well as the motovlogs.  The ride videos are all in Eastern Canada and they are some of the most beautiful areas I've seen.  Ryan narrates these with interesting facts about the area and tidbits about the ride so you get a good feel of what its like to ride the area.  He tends to ride an ADV bike, a Suzuki V-strom to be exact.  He will take whatever road he wants as his bike can go pretty much anywhere.   He does ride a few other bikes in order to review them, but he tends to lean towards the V-Strom.
There are other vloggers that I enjoy,  Robert Robb,  MotoGeo, and the like,  but there are a few that really annoy me.   I will not link to those certain ones that I don't like, but they are all pretty much the same.   They carpet bomb the F-word like they are in a B52 and not a motorcycle.  They freak out any time a car gets within 20 feet of them, and they will smash mirrors any time a cager pulls in front of them.   They wheelie everywhere they go and they run from the police.  They also will show general disrespect for everyone who isn't in their little crew.  Basically anyone who gives the rest of us riders a bad name.    MotoVlogging should be about whats best about motorcycles and riders, not what is worst about everyone else.   All those stupid people just make us look bad and make it alot harder for the rest of us to enjoy our hobby.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Solo Vs.Group Riding

Riding with friends is fun.  I do believe that the safety that is gained by having several riders with you is well worth it.   A group is easier to see than a solo rider, and if anything happens, then someone will be there to help out.  It's also nice sharing the sites with someone who shares your passion for riding a motorcycle.  However, there are drawbacks.  Riding with the wrong type of person may get you in to trouble.  People who like to go too fast, or ride dangerously, or even riders who don't know how to ride in groups can all cause you to have a really bad ride.  That being said,  riding alone has its benefits too.  You have a bit more freedom to stretch out in your lane and take the extra time to explore places on a whim.  Riding with friends, you almost need a plan in order to make sure everyone knows where they are going and no one gets lost.  Riding alone, if you see a road you want to take, then you just take it.  No discussion, no arguments  just go. This is the best kind of freedom.  You can see more of the area, and have an adventure.  That's what motorcycle riding is all about. The best of both worlds would be to find a buddy that has the same wanderlust that you posses and the same style of riding as you.   I tend to like to ride like a sport tourer.  I don't mind a little speed and twisty road at times, but I really like riding safely and comfortably for hours and hours.  Seeing new sights and meeting new people is important to me.   I have ridden with people who are track day junkies.  I've ridden with the pub to pub types, and I've even ridden with some of the ADV crew.   Truthfully, my favorite riders, are just like me.  

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Random Rides

Yet another random ride that I recorded for reasons.  Real reasons.  Really real reasons.  

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Trip to Enterprise Oregon Part 9 THE FINAL CHAPTER

Aww, the ride is ending!   We finish it off just before Colfax, WA.   You remember Colfax?
It was the place with the Codger Pole.   What?  You mean you don't remember that one?
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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Trip to Enterprise Oregon Part 7

We leave Pendleton and start heading home!    Great start to the day and we even get buzzed by a hawk carrying his breakfast!

Trip to Enterprise Oregon Part 6

We head to Pendleton!

Exciting stuff on Sunday!  I say exciting, but really it was a lot of highways.
Worth the ride for sure!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Ride to Enterprise Oregon Part 5

Wallowa National Forrest to Enterprise, OR   None to shabby!  It was a very nice portion of the ride.
See for yourself!

We stopped at the Joseph canyon lookout and it was spectacular. 

Ride to Enterprise Part 4! The Rattlesnake Grade

Yep, we finally get to the Rattlesnake Grade portion of this video series.   Quite the nice ride!   Enjoy!
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Getting Episode 5 Ready!   It will be here soon!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Enterprise Ride Part 3

Here is the 3rd Installment.  Heading through Lewiston on to Asotin and up and around some hills.  Almost... I say Almost to the Rattlesnake grade!

Enterprise Ride Part 2

Here is the 2nd leg of the ride.

This is from Colfax, WA to just above Lewiston, ID

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Movie Time! Enterprise Ride Part 1

We're back!   What a trip!   I will probably write something about it,  but as they say, a picture is worth 1000 words.    What about a video?

There, that is the first leg of the trip!   There are more videos too!   Like and Subscribe to the channel to see more!  Aww heck, what am I saying.  Ill post more of them.. you know I will.  

This portion is from Spokane to Colfax, WA.   Not much to see but green.  Well, green and a couple little towns!    

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


There are just 3 days left before I leave on my trip south.   I'm not sure how many are going, but we are headed to Enterprise Oregon to ride the Rattlesnake Grade!
  I am all packed up and have checked all the major points that one should check before leaving on a trip.    Weather looks good. Roads are open.  Bike is running like a champ.   We are all set to go.   But..... Its 3 excruciatingly long days until we leave.   It seems like each 24 hour day is a full week long.   The open road is calling, but I sit here at a cramped desk punching buttons.   Totally not fun!
I guess that's the breaks.  No matter where I go, or how I choose to get there, the days leading up to a vacation are always horrendously long.   At least nothing has gone totally haywire yet.   That's a good thing.   In fact, just a few weeks ago, the road just north of Boggan's Oasis had washed out and was all but impassable.   I thought that would be the end of our trip, but they re open it completely on Friday, the day before we leave!   Hot Diggity Dog!  
I really hope to get that sense of refreshment you get when you go do something that you have always wanted to do.   Actually completing this ride from start to finish is definitely a motorcycle checklist (I hate the term Bucket List) item.    Hopefully I can get a few more checks this year .  

What are the items on the list, you may ask?    Well,  let me tell you.   In no particular order:

I would like to ride across the US (West to East and North to South)
Trans Canada from Victoria BC to St John Newfoundland.
If I ever get the chance, It would be amazing to ride from my home in Spokane to Alaska.
I'd love to ride in Europe
I'd love to ride the Americas (from Canada to Chile).
Not that I would ever have time for any of these rides.  However, there are a few rides that I can do, and probably will.
Pacific Coast Highway from Seattle to San Francisco.
Glacier National Park (specifically the Going to the Sun Trail)
Yosemite National Park or Zion or both.
Lolo Pass. (right) -- 99 miles of twisty roads on that ride.
If I can't do the PCH, then just to the Redwoods. That would be fun.    I may do any of these, or all of these or even none of them depending on Time and Funds.  After all, a guy like me has quite a lot of responsibilities.  Family, Work, Faith, they all take tons of time.    Even if I don't get to ride these rides, I can still ride to work and around town.  It's still better than caging it!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Angry Biker = Dead Biker

If you type Motorcycle into the YouTube search bar you will generally see, somewhere in the mix, videos about angry people yelling at motorcyclists.   Some of these turn violent, but almost always you will see a biker getting yelled at and yelling in return with many expletives flying about.  
The problem with these videos is that they give the wrong impression of motorcyclists.   Not all of us are like that.   Most of us just want to ride our bikes and not die.  Unfortunately there is a subset of the biker bunch that seems to want to cause trouble.    This is generally limited to the 2 extremes.  Either an angry "Clubber" (The traditional bikers you see on TV and movies), or a young punk who thinks that it is cool if you wear down your chicken strips (The rubber on the extreme edge of a motorcycle tire that does not get used if you ride correctly).    The videos go like this:  The biker is usually doing something stupid.  Wheelies, illegal lane splitting, crazy revving of loud pipes or anything of that sort tends to infuriate people who think that they are the authority, and even sometimes the authorities.   Once the biker makes the other person mad, they usually have a few moments of speeding and swerving in order to flip off the offender or offended and eventually one of them wrecks or they stop and have a fistfight.   (Not smart for the anyone in a car or who isn't wearing a helmet designed to take a high speed impact.)
Now, the intelligent person will take pause at the whole situation.  The whole altercation could be avoided by just being smart and safe.   It's the Freeway, but it does not mean you are free to do what you want, especially when what you want can endanger others.
I do have a suspicion that these bikers are actually trying to get people angry.  After all, conflict makes for good entertainment...... (for unintelligent people who thrive on violence.)    But the fact that angry idiots can and do endanger everyone else around them should make us all be concerned.
However, if you are like me the sense of schadenfreude is overwhelming.   The sense of empowerment you get from seeing someone get their comeuppance is what drives these videos.  I feel guilty however.  It isn't right to get exited over someone else's misfortune, even when that misfortune is their own fault.  
Rather than make fun of them, or even cheering them, we should help to educate these angry people.  They need to understand that it isn't good for them to be that way.   The young but stupid bikers doing the tricks on the freeway at breakneck speeds, we can help them to see that they are putting lives in danger.  And we can hope they listen.  The clubbers, well we can just stay out of their way and ignore them, that's what they want anyway.    As for the cagers.. well, you are not the police, leave it to the boys (and girls) in blue to do the job of policing the streets.   If you are concerned,  slow down and let them pass.  Give the stupid space to do what they do and minimize the danger to yourself.   If we do that, then either these goofballs will see that it isn't so cool to act like an idiot or we will have a lot of new Darwin Award winners.    Either way the problem is solved.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Spring Ride to Enterprise Anyone?

It's almost time to ride!   The snow is nearly all gone and the sweepers are out.  The weather is almost warm enough for a good long ride.  And there is definitely one in the works.   A few of us are planning to ride the Rattlesnake Grade at the end of May.   To be totally fair, I haven't gone yet.  (well, at least not the whole road).  I'm kind of exited to go.  From piecing all the different reviews of this road together I have, what I think to be, a reasonable preview of the ride.
    The road from Asotin Washington to Enterprise Oregon is a pure slice of motorcycle heaven.  Right off the bat it has several excellent sweeping curves, including 3 that will swing you around nearly 180 degrees.  For a while after that, you have smooth sailing until you reach Field Springs state park.  That is the point where the road really starts to twist in all sorts of directions.  Depending on your speed, it can either be ten miles of the most scenic, or the most adrenaline filled travel that you have ever experienced.  The scenery is breathtaking for sure.  You are essentially riding through a rather large canyon system carved into the earth by prehistoric glaciers and raging rivers that has amazing views in all directions.  But here is where the adrenaline comes in.  If you should choose to push the speed a bit, the mix of the fast curves and the possibility of losing control and crashing in to the wall (or going off the edge and getting to see the canyon floor in the fastest means possible), will absolutely give you the biggest rush of your life.   By the time you cross the Grande Ronde river, at the halfway mark, you are ready for a break and possibly need a place to change your skivvies or maybe to get a bite to eat. Boggan's Oasis is a perfect place to stop.  Boggan's is a comfort food mecca! I doubt that you could leave that place hungry.  The location is also quite nice.  If you keep your eyes out, you may see some goats as well as other wildlife.  
At this point,  if you should choose to keep going,  you get much more of the same type of beautiful twisty roads.   From Boggan's  its quite the smooth and simple ride... until you get to the Oregon border.   At that point, the road turns back on itself, twice!  This is a good time to let you know, that from this point on, until you reach the end of the canyon it is a good idea to watch out for rock slides and other debris in the road.   It isn't unheard of to have a boulder just appear out of nowhere.   That being said, this stretch of road is well worth slowing down on anyway.  The views are amazing and there are a lot of little animals and birds that may just come in to view.   
By the time you pass Paradise Ridge Ln, the bulk of the twisties are done.  Don't fret however, because you will pass through the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest.  While it pales in comparison to what you just experienced,  the forest is still quite pretty.   So you've arrived at Enterprise, OR.  This may be a good place to stop, have dinner, get a motel and get some rest.  Or, if you are camping, there are several places to look at.   You may even want to go South, on to Wallowa Lake and pitch your tent at one of the prettiest lakes in the Northwest.  It's all up to you.    Just make sure you have some rest before turning around and doing it all again, but in reverse.  

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Dream Vs. Reality

So I have always held out that my dream motorcycle is a Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special.   I like the looks,  the low rumble that you get when riding a big Harley and I like the comfort.   My wife tends to say I should get a more chips style (Road King, or Heritage), but that bat wing just tickles my fancy.   Harley Davidson has improved the Street Glide greatly with the 2017 model year, but Harley has also been the reason I don't have one.   Harley Davidson figures that the Street Glide is worth more than a new car.  A base Toyota Corolla is just over $18,000 and yet a base Street Glide (Not even the special) is $20,999.   I know Harley-Davidson Co. has been having some problems with their stocks lately, I wonder if it's because the generation that idolized Harley as an American legend is quickly dying off?  The joke around my pals is that the HD stands for "Hundred Dollar".   The premise being that each and every bolt on the bike costs a hundred dollars.   The sad truth is, it is very expensive to maintain any motorcycle these days, and paying an extra premium because of a name, really isn't worth the increase in cost.
So, for now, I'll stick with my $700 Kawasaki in a Crate special.  Parts are quite a bit cheaper when they come from overseas, and several of the "Jap-Bikes" have reputations for being tough, durable and long lasting.  I guess it's time to wake up from the dream and ride what I got.   After all, my Lil blue Concours rides like a champ and is plenty comfortable.  And when it comes time for a new one, well, they're only $17000.  Still $1000 cheaper than a Corolla.

Pacific Northwest Biker Blues

The air is crisp and clouds cover everything as far as the eye can see.  The nostalgia of winter has already faded.   So much snow everywhere, and the only thing I can do is wait for the warmer weather to return.

I am hopeful that as of this posting, we have had several days where the temp is above freezing.  There is still more than a foot of snow in most areas, and the roads are sketchy, however, there are sure signs of melting going on.     This makes me happy and has me itching to go for a ride.   If it wasn't for the moto vloggers on Youtube, I'd be going completely bonkers waiting for spring.
I've even planned a few outings for this year.   The bigger ones, Glacier National park and Wallowa Lake (Joseph, OR.) will be a bit later when it warms up.   I would like to go to Palouse falls in the spring and see the huge glut of water that will be roaring down the river.  I'd also like to ride to Coulee Dam, and maybe Ainsworth Hotsprings in BC.

Wherever I choose to ride this year, I know it will be a blast!  I also purchased an Action camera, so maybe I'll get to share the rides with you. 

Here's to a super riding season!