Saturday, July 29, 2017

River Run-- Random Rides

Join me for a ride along the Spokane River at Riverside State Park.  Beautiful area and a low battery to boot.  Enjoy the ride!
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Friday, July 28, 2017

Join or Die... No.... Join or Miss Out!

Because I had nothing better to do on a Friday night,  I decided I would set up a REVER group for any and all who wanted to connect that way.

Join the Lost or Not Rever Group!

I have several little rides posted, and I would be totally geeked out if you posted some of yours.

Maybe we could hook up for a group ride as well.   Never know!

It doesn't cost a thing to join, and if you want to, you can even pay the money to become a premium member.   (not that it would matter if you just were putzing around with the app).     I highly recommend REVER,  it is a pretty nice app. the GPS software seems to be spot on accurate on my S5.   Its also available for Apple products as well, but im not sure who would use anything like that.  Check it out!

Click the photo to the Right to go to the main site.   You can download the app on the Play Store or Itunes as well.  

Once you do,  look me up!

Friday, July 14, 2017

MotoVlogger Mayhem

As you have probably noticed.  I have delved into the Motovlogging world with the Lost or Not Motovlog.   It's quite enjoyable.  I normally talk to myself (It is a sign of genius after all), but motovlogging allows me to actually have an excuse to do so.   I have also noticed that It is enjoyable to watch some of the other motovloggers on Youtube do their thing.
Take Shawn Smoak for instance.  Shawn rides all sorts of motorcycles.   He works at a dealership in Longview, Washington and he gets some pretty nice bikes to ride, and he also owns quite a few.  (His streetglide is amazing by the way.)   Shawn's style adds a very  hometown feel to his videos.  You feel connected to him and almost like a part of his family.   I binge watched a ton of his videos last time I was sick and it helped me through the time when I couldn't be on my own bike.    He also goes on group rides with the likes of XXX Deadhead and Giant Midget Moto, and between the 3 of them you get amazing perspectives of the areas they ride together.  XXX Deadhead has since stopped motovlogging to pursue his main career, but his old vids are still on youtube to enjoy.
Lately, I have been watching the FortNine channel.  Fornine is Canada's largest online powersports dealership so their videos have a fair amount of backing.   Ryan is the face of fortnine and he is quite fun to watch.  Ryan does the gear reviews and durability tests as well as comparisons, but I really like the well produced ride videos as well as the motovlogs.  The ride videos are all in Eastern Canada and they are some of the most beautiful areas I've seen.  Ryan narrates these with interesting facts about the area and tidbits about the ride so you get a good feel of what its like to ride the area.  He tends to ride an ADV bike, a Suzuki V-strom to be exact.  He will take whatever road he wants as his bike can go pretty much anywhere.   He does ride a few other bikes in order to review them, but he tends to lean towards the V-Strom.
There are other vloggers that I enjoy,  Robert Robb,  MotoGeo, and the like,  but there are a few that really annoy me.   I will not link to those certain ones that I don't like, but they are all pretty much the same.   They carpet bomb the F-word like they are in a B52 and not a motorcycle.  They freak out any time a car gets within 20 feet of them, and they will smash mirrors any time a cager pulls in front of them.   They wheelie everywhere they go and they run from the police.  They also will show general disrespect for everyone who isn't in their little crew.  Basically anyone who gives the rest of us riders a bad name.    MotoVlogging should be about whats best about motorcycles and riders, not what is worst about everyone else.   All those stupid people just make us look bad and make it alot harder for the rest of us to enjoy our hobby.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Solo Vs.Group Riding

Riding with friends is fun.  I do believe that the safety that is gained by having several riders with you is well worth it.   A group is easier to see than a solo rider, and if anything happens, then someone will be there to help out.  It's also nice sharing the sites with someone who shares your passion for riding a motorcycle.  However, there are drawbacks.  Riding with the wrong type of person may get you in to trouble.  People who like to go too fast, or ride dangerously, or even riders who don't know how to ride in groups can all cause you to have a really bad ride.  That being said,  riding alone has its benefits too.  You have a bit more freedom to stretch out in your lane and take the extra time to explore places on a whim.  Riding with friends, you almost need a plan in order to make sure everyone knows where they are going and no one gets lost.  Riding alone, if you see a road you want to take, then you just take it.  No discussion, no arguments  just go. This is the best kind of freedom.  You can see more of the area, and have an adventure.  That's what motorcycle riding is all about. The best of both worlds would be to find a buddy that has the same wanderlust that you posses and the same style of riding as you.   I tend to like to ride like a sport tourer.  I don't mind a little speed and twisty road at times, but I really like riding safely and comfortably for hours and hours.  Seeing new sights and meeting new people is important to me.   I have ridden with people who are track day junkies.  I've ridden with the pub to pub types, and I've even ridden with some of the ADV crew.   Truthfully, my favorite riders, are just like me.