Thursday, April 28, 2016

Be Careful Out There!

One of the most disturbing things I do in the course of the day is process Hospital Trauma reports.   Looking over the vast array of boo-boos and owies people are subject to, it is becoming ever clearer that people have stopped being cautious. 

YOLO (You Only Live Once) has been the war cry for all sorts of thrill seekers and has become the excuse for a lot of horrific accidental injuries.   I offer another view.  The fact that you only live once should be the reason for proper caution, not frivolous acts of stupidity.   For a Motorcyclist, this is even more important.   A motorcycle rider needs to have proper respect for the machine, and the roads that it travels on.  
 Here are the points that people have seemed to forget.
1. Always wear a good strong helmet and appropriate gear.  Unless you want your Jaw mangled and/or removed, I suggest a full face helmet.
2. Bottles and Throttles DO NOT MIX.   If you are drinking alcohol, do NOT ride a motorcycle until it is out of your system  (1 hour per drink minimum).
3. Do not ride if you are physically or mentally stressed.   You need your full faculties to ride, don't risk your life by having your focus impeded by stress or pain.
4. If your machine is not running properly or feels wrong, then its time for wrench work, not riding. Fix your machine before a doctor needs to fix you!
5. Ride Defensively, not Aggressively.   Your life is in danger, not the cagers (People in the cage of a Car).   Ride like you want to live a long time.
There are many other factors to riding safely, but these are by far the most important.  While it is true that you only live once, don't shorten your life by making that fact an excuse for stupidity!