Thursday, June 30, 2016

Swept Away with Trucks

When I was a little boy big trucks fascinated me. Not only the big 18-wheelers, but plows, construction equipment and even the occasional road striping truck.   Now that I'm grown up, and I have seen thousands of different trucks,  the only one that really gets me giddy is a street sweeper.   Why a street sweeper you may ask?    Its because these trucks help keep us Motorcyclists alive.   They get rid of all the sand and gravel that can throw us off our bikes and give us some serious road rash, or worse.   They also get the garbage that some people insist on throwing out their windows.  (Because having a trash bag in the car is way too difficult).   Seeing these trucks on the road makes me happy.   So next time you see a sweeper, don't just throw your hands up and whine because they are slow.  Reflect on how the hard work of these individuals helps save lives.  Oh, and they keep the city looking pretty nice too.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

I Can Drive 55

Motorcycles like mine are more than capable of doing 100 miles per hour plus.  That being said, why would I want to?   I hear guys all the time talking about how they did 100mph along the highway, or how they "really opened her up" while dodging traffic.   This solidifies my opinion that people have become stupid.  See this sign on the left?   It is what we call a Speed Sign.  It shows you what the Speed Limit is for the road you are on.  If your bike is doing any speed faster than the posted sign, then you are breaking the law.    The very law you signed a document saying you will obey.  (Yes, check with your licensing bureau, I'm sure they have a copy of the affidavit you signed.
Now, I like the Adrenalin rush just as much as the next guy, but a ticket, or worse, an accident is not worth the extra thrills I get for rolling on the throttle.   For instance,  there were 2 cases of motorcyclists riding in severe excess of the speed limit in Spokane this evening.   Both bikes were going faster than 100mph on I90 (posted speed limit 60).  One of these individuals plowed in to the back of another car.   I'm certain that at this very moment, if his brain is still working, he is feeling regret over the decision to push the limit of the law.   What possesses a person to do this?  Why do these idiots insist on being disobedient to the authorities that set the law?   The numbers on the signs are the maximum safe limit.  If you go faster, you are no longer being safe.   If you are no longer being safe, your risk increases exponentially.   If your risk increases and you don't take steps to conform to safety standards, you run the risk of a Ticket, Jail, an Accident or a Mortuary.   It's dangerous enough riding a bike, no need to make it worse.      I hope they catch the 2nd guy before he hurts himself, or others.   I really do.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Spokane River Flow...

Yes, I will let the cat out of the bag.  I am from Spokane.   Lately I have noticed that riding a motorcycle has become a blood sport.  Spokane drivers have forgotten how to flow.   The caged ones are so secure in their own big boxes that they have forgotten that they are not the only ones on the road.  They chatter on their Cellphones and barely hold the wheel while doing so.  Traffic should be like a river, flowing ever forward.   You don't see Salmon with cellphones, nor do you see Sunfish applying makeup.   You never hear of a Ten Trout Pileup on the Columbia.    Be like fish people!  Pay attention to the flow.  It will get you where you want to go.  You will be happier, less stressed an you won't kill a motorcyclist by your tunnel visioned stupidity. Take this car (or whats left of a car).  The driver of this vehicle turned in to traffic.  Because of the need to talk on a cell phone, the driver didn't pay attention to the Honda that was rapidly approaching them.   Now, I don't know if you have seen many wrecks, or have a basic understanding of the physical limitations of the human body, but I am certain that you understand that neither the driver or the motorcyclist survived this accident.  This is an actual thing.  This is a true accident, it really happened.  A cell phone was verified to be a factor in this accident.   In almost every Country, State, County, City, Suburb, It is illegal to operate a vehicle while distracted.  The fines for driving distracted vary, but the pain from murdering someone because you couldn't wait to tell your friend that you got invited to prom.... well, that is a higher price than any fine.

Boredom and the Big Blue Bike

The issue, as I see it is that I don't have enough time.   I work 40 hours a week at a desk,  I come home do my family stuff, and 3 days a week (or more depending) I spend some time at worshiping God and all that involves.  Finding time for long rides is nearly impossible.  I have consigned myself to quick outs, (nothing more than a few hours).  This leaves me feeling unfulfilled as a rider.  (I'm pretty darn fulfilled as far as family/faith goes).
I have explored more of my town since I got my motorcycle than the entire 40 years previous.   That being said, I'm in a rut.   I need more quick outs.   If anyone has a good ride (couple hours worth) near Spokane, WA, by all means let me know.  You can map it on or  Be sure to tag me (Redarm1), or send it to me via email.     If you are so inclined,  tell me when you would be available to show me the road,  Ill buy the coffee.

Both I and the Big Blue Bird will Thank you.