Monday, July 25, 2016

Variety is the Spice of Life!

  Harleys, Hondas, dual sports or sportbikes, what's your flavor?   With so many different motorcycles, it is hard to choose.   Some like the laid back, stretched out cruisers like a Harley Davidson, or one of the metrics like the Kawasaki Vulcan or Honda Shadow, others like Sportbikes like the Kawasaki Ninja or the Suzuki Hayabusa.   With the sheer variety of motorcycles on the street today, there is something for everyone.  Every style, shape and color is out there.   For the most part, anything you choose to ride is good.   No one can really say anything if you like your bike, and it fits you.  Well, they can, but they shouldn't.    Just like one should never discriminate because of the color of someone's skin,  so to should the choice of motorcycle be.   It amazes me how you get die hard brand fans.  Some Harley guys have a hard time even acknowledging that other bikes exist, and some of the sportbike persuasion really hate the cruiser guys.  Why?  It makes no sense at all.  We're all out there on 2 wheels (except the Trike guys,  they have 3).   We are all taking a greater risk in pursuing our love of motorcycling.   If you don't like the specific motorcycle, then fine, it's ok.   No one will force you to adore a bike you don't like.  The problem is when you start to hate the riders of the motorcycles that you don't like.   These guys and gals are our brothers and sisters in the great big, human family.   They have found the bike they like, and are probably as pleased as punch to tell you about it.  We should be glad that they found what they like, and be willing to give the wave when they pass.
 The nice part is, that if we can get this habit down,  then maybe, just maybe we can start to break down some other discrimination type barriers....  Maybe....