Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Motorcycle Fit.......

I am in shape! I mean really in shape.   What shape you ask?  ROUND!   I'm a pudge.  I have a BMI that makes doctors gasp.  Small children cry when they see me walking down the street.   Little old ladies use me as shade in the hot sun.   I'm a big boy!    That being said, I choose to talk about a subject that I am totally qualified to talk about.   Motorcycle Fitness! 

It takes quite a bit of force to push around a motorcycle.  If you are not so fit, a long ride won't be as long as you wanted it to be.  And after one of those "long" motorcycle rides, you will be sore.  Your arms, hips, back, legs, butt (glutes) and even your neck will hurt.   And I hear that the best way to alleviate that ache is to be "Motorcycle Fit".    I'm not sure what that means, but a few of my fellow motorcyclists have done all the work for me. has a workout that includes simple exercises like crunches, pushups, and working your arms with simple weights.
Revzilla recommends something called CrossFit.  It sounds like torture if you ask me.
Ride Apart has given a list of 3 essential exercises;  Lunges, Squats and Mason Twists.  It sounds easy enough....

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Ultimately, having a semblance of fitness is important for riding a motorcycle.  Case in point:  I may be a big boy, but I am a strong big boy.   One time I had a 700lb bike decide to take a snooze in the soft dirt I put the kick down in.   Reaching down and lifting it up is not a super simple thing do to unless you happen to be Hafthor Bjornsson (strong man and actor).    What I had to do was get myself in a squatting position next to the seat and grip the downside handlebar and the grip handle on the back of the bike and squat press the bike back up to the vertical stance that it was meant to be in.  If I had been in any worse shape than I was,  I could have been facing hernia surgery or traction.   So, however you do it, work out enough to keep you motorcycle fit.   You will last longer in the saddle, be far less sore and in a pinch, be able to lift your bike if necessary.  

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