Thursday, March 15, 2018

Inland Northwest Motorcycle Show and Sale!

Very often, my schedule clears up and I get to do something quite fun.   Last weekend was the Inland Northwest Motorcycle Show and Sale was in Spokane.   This show is always a treat.  Yes, I know it's all pretty much the same old stuff if, like my lovely wife,  you are not in to motorcycles.  However since you are reading this blog, I have a sneaking suspicion that you happen to enjoy life on 2 wheels.   
The stars of the show are, of course, Harley Davidson and Indian.   Both of these companies brought the latest and greatest models of the current year.   I am partial to the Harley Street Glide, as many who read my blog are aware.  However, the Indian Chieftain blew my mind.  My impressions, without riding this beast, are that this is one beautiful bike.   The only problem is that the price is way out of my range.  I don't make enough in my meager office worker existence to justify a nearly 30 thousand dollar purchase.  If I did purchase the chieftain, it would probably cost me at least 2 thousand more as I would also have to buy a new sofa that I could sleep on due to being kicked out of my bed. 

This year, I took my son with me.  He had a good time looking at the Triumph and Ducati models.  He seems to like the scrambler type bikes.   When he gets a bit older (he's only 14),  I may just buy 2  and we could go riding together.  And I'd also not need to buy as nice of a sofa as if I bought the chieftain. The price of 2 Ducati Scramblers is around half the price of the Indian.

We had the chance to watch the Seattle Cossacks precision riding team.  This was quite entertaining, however we did catch them toward the end of the day and I do think that their enthusiasm had waned a bit.   I still have to tip my hat to these guys.  Flipping, jumping, doing handstands and the like is hard enough, but these guys will do it on the backs of Harleys.  Thats gotta be crazy difficult.

One of the highlights for me personally is getting to meet the SoundRider podcast crew.  I have been listening to them for quite a while now.  They are one of the best Washington state based Podcasts around.   Rather than just focus on the politics of motorcycling, they really touch on the things that matter.   They also have a really nice rally each year that goes through the columbia river gorge, which is some of the absolute best scenery you will find in the entirety of the US.   Yeah, I know, I may be biased since I live here in Washington, but to be fair, im not the only one who says this.  You can Find the podcast and listen to their schpeel on Google Play Music's Podcast directory.

All in all, The Inland Northwest Motorcycle Show and Sale is a good place to see the newest models available to the general spokane community.  You can interact with local vendors, and visit with some of the dealers, be entertained and be fed for less than the price of dinner an a movie.  (unless you succumb to the sales pressures and buy a new bike).    I hope that next year they bring some more entertainment and maybe, a riding seminar or two, or maybe test rides.  That would be awesome!

Below are some more photos for your enjoyment!

 Food or Motorcycle... He made the right choice!

A Victory


OOO Purty!

Cool lettering on a cool bike!

The Classics!

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