Wednesday, August 23, 2017


 Things have been quiet lately.  I have not posted to the blog, I have not vlogged.  Just a lot of quiet.  The reason behind this is that I've busted my butt.  I have been the unfortunate recipient of a cracked tailbone.  This wasn't due to anything motorcycle related, but it sure does make it hard to actually go and do anything motorcycle related.   This means I am reduced to a hobbling ball of ache until it heals up.   The sad part is that there isn't a darn thing I can do about it.   You can't cast it,  You cant immobilize it without immobilizing your whole self and that is just out of the question.   So, I wait.  Hoping that I will feel good enough to sit in the saddle at least for a few more hours between now and when the snow flies.  If not, well, there are always the videos from my rides this year!   Definitely good for when you can't ride.  I highly recommend watching them.  You can watch, comment and follow my motovlog HERE.    Also, if you recorded your rides, send me a link on my youtube channel. I would be happy to watch your rides as well.  After all, I'm going through withdrawls.

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